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Escape room for family and kids in Barcelona

Lostroom — we are more than just a simple escape room. Come with us, and you will be joining the only company that offers fun and entertainment for children, for brave families and adults craving for adrenaline and much laughter. We are not the lock-lover kind of escape room — we use the cutting-edge technology: unpredictible turns, magic, lasers and virtual reality, just to mention a few. We offer events for up to more than 100 people of all ages!
60 minutes of adventure
Prices from 13€
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Escape room
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Entertainment with friends, unique emotion, intellectual work
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Exclusive games with great entertainment for children from 6 years old

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Our clients
I really loved Epidemic Z! It was hard but we did in 59:48!!! Thanks a lot
I was quite stressed at the beginning but once understood the rules, I really spend a good time with family
That was my very first quest and I really loved it. The idea is fun and interesting, it makes you think and work in a group) Definitely will do other quests here!
You think we are in a room, but we are cyborgs on an interplanetary spaceship, flying across the stars to the inevitable death! Because it is a quest in virtual reality headsets. I don't care that we didn't win. It was awesome! Now I can fly!
I loved it. It was so real. I love flying in space
It was amazing experience thanks for that
we completed COSMOS – virtual reality quest in 43 min. The colleagues from Lostroom has recently opened the piece of alternative reality, which in 10-15-20 years will replace our dream, work, rest, sex, intrigues, etc. Now it is safe: entertainment, quest… later it will be your life. I am cool with such crazy ideas, in which the most people do not believe, are fulfilled. Be careful with such projects, because all together they will form a new religion. I tried the virtual reality quest from Lostroom “Madmen”… I will never be the same!
Was a great escape room. A little tricky but that's the point. Very nice set up and really interested to get your honest opinion. Seem really interested to make it better for the general audience :) thanks for a great time. We didnt escape this time but next time we will :)