What is Lostroom?

Lostroom is a step farther to the future, escape room with tecnologies of the last generation. To solve riddles, to work in team, to prove your habilities - it's what is waiting you behind the doors of our missions. You can enter to the fabulous world, fly in the space, safe the Earth from zombies or find an abducted kid. We design surprising games for kids, adults and big groups.
60 minutes of adventure
Prices from 13€
Diversity of games
teambuilding events
0 - 1
persons simultaneous
Escape room
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Entertainment with friends, unique emotion, intellectual work
Games for kids
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Exclusive games with great entertainment for children from 6 years old

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Our clients
I loved it. It was so real. I love flying in space
Excellent graphics, not very difficult tasks, good audio accompaniment, operator’s assistance. Sometimes your body refuses to do what your eyes see, it is completely new emotions. Thank you very much for approximate us to the faraway cosmos! Looking forward for new games!
I was playing with my husband and two children, 10 and 14 years old. They really liked solving the puzzles, especially (spoiler alert!) pulling the girl out of the air ventilation system. Nice choice for family recreation.
When my groupmate said she had bought robotic vacuum cleaner, I felt the future is coming. Recently I made sure it has already come! We played Virtual Reality quest in Lostroom. It was amazing to see my hands… inhuman, but in a robot space suit. To replace objects by means of telekinesis, fly in outer space - just wow! I was feeling all this like it was real! It is the only virtual reality quest for several players. Probably I have been dreaming about it for 15 years! I recommend it to everyone!